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Sydney Escorts - Chinese New Year Special



May your happiness and longevity be complete

Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is traditionally a time of new beginnings. It is believed that at New Year, especially on the first day of the New Year, one should live and do how one wishes the rest of one’s year should be.

In other words, don’t cry or wail, blow your top, swear or get upset on the first day of the year, unless that’s how you wish your year to continue – sad and angry.

Chinese New Year is also all about luck, wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

So how should you spend your New Year then?

Well it’s obvious isn’t it….smiling, laughing, loving, in the arms of a beautiful woman, thereby setting the tone for how you would like your year to continue.

And that’s where Room Service Escorts would like to help you. Book one of our truly stunning ladies for 4hrs or more of smiles, laughter, love and fireworks, and receive a red envelope containing a surprise gift valued at $88 or more.

Just call one of our friendly receptionists on (02) 9319 0397 or 0420 318 753 to make the appropriate arrangements.

Chinese New Year 1

萬事如意 Wànshìrúyì…….. May all your wishes be fulfilled

Chinese New Year 2