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Erotic Massage for Couples

Sensual Couples Massage 1

Since times ancient massage has been known to be a great therapeutic tool, promoting well being and relaxation. Erotic massage has also been known through the years to promote stress relief, and provide a more sensual experience than regular massage, and is used either as a precursor to sex, or as its own sexual experience.

A menage a trois encourages you, as a couple, to discard any insecurities you may have, and to discover new ways in which to provide pleasure to yourself and your partner. For couples who have yet to dip their toes into the world of menage a trois, erotic massage is a perfect way to gently try the waters and ease their way in. It will also leave you with some mind blowing memories.

Your escort will set the mood by creating a sensual atmosphere with warm oil, dimmed or candle light, perhaps some aromatherapy and soft music. She will then massage each of you with skillful hands, releasing built up tension. When she feels you begin to relax, you will feel the change in her touch as it becomes more gentle – incredibly sensual. She will use all parts of her body to massage yours. As your mind, body and soul all relax and unwind together, under her touch, you will find yourself in a state of utter bliss.

While she is massaging you, you might be massaging your partner, or your partner may prefer to watch, and learn. Or your partner may help as the masseuse massages you. And vice versa. Ultimately, you will both end up incredibly relaxed, and feeling sexual satisfaction that you wouldn’t have thought possible without having had sex.

Sensual Couples Massage 2