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Easter Special Escorts for Chocoholics

At this time of year when a furry critter hops along dropping chocolate eggs how about you let a sexy girl in long pink ears offer you a hotter slant on the bunny?

Book a visit by one of our gorgeous ladies, and they will also provide a chocolate ripple massage or hot bunny striptease.

The chocolate ripple massage is a blissful experience where your beautiful girl will caress you with warmed chocolate oil from head to foot. It is too divine. When wrapped in the scent of rich, dark chocolate, the tension in your muscles will melt under her magical fingers. You can then enjoy licking the chocolate off each other. By the end, you’ll be craving a physical release only your lady can give. Pure decadence.

The hot bunny striptease is your chance to see the girl of your dreams strip down to only a pair of long pink ears for your viewing pleasure. The lady won’t rush as she dims the lights and makes you comfortable to enjoy the show. Let her amp the anticipation as she removes item after item to reveal her fine, female curves from all angles. She will invite you to assist her undress. Be prepared for her to corrupt a chair with some seriously sexy moves. By the end, you won’t be able to resist her, and that’s when you can take things further.

The chocolate ripple massage or hot bunny striptease is included in the ladies hourly rate. A special treat for you. Enjoy.

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