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Long blonde hair

Albina is a beautiful, vivacious and confident woman in her early 30’s – a winning combination for any high class Sydney escort to have. She is our specialty “From Russia With Love” and has won many fans in this city.

The role of performer and entertainer is a natural fit for Albina and her outgoing, playful personality make her a not only a very likeable woman, but a woman impossible to ignore with her dreamy ‘come hither’ eyes, her curvy figure with alabaster smooth skin, and her genuine love of all things sensual and sexual in this life.

Albina is always well presented and well-dressed but not too far under the surface lives a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, a woman who is by nature uninhibited and who enjoys adventure. This is a woman who is confident in doing the seducing, but who can also enjoy you taking the lead. But regardless of who does what, we have no doubt that this woman will be able to teach you a thing or two that you wouldn’t tell your mother about!

To spend some time with this lovely fair skinned European blonde of so many facets, just call one of the reception staff of Room Service Escorts on (02) 9319 0397 and they will be happy to assist you with your booking.

Extras: Threesomes with couples, 1 gent/ 2 ladies, lady/lady (ie bisexual), lesbian doubles, threesomes, sex toys, B&D, swingers clubs, dress ups & fantasies…..

Perfect For: Clients with disabilities, Cuddling and Touching, Mutual French, Spanish, Shover or two, Spanking on you, Toy Shows,dinner outings, overnight bookings, excellent erotic massage, receives oral, swingers clubs, Sex in varieties positions, Sexy lingerie, Prostate massage, intense passionate experiences……

Review: She smiled. “I'll take care of everything.” And she did, this woman likes to pamper and treat you well from the shower to the bed. I had a great time with Albina, she is my kind of woman.