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Body to Body massage with Oral Play

from $350

All Nationalities

Winter Warmer Special – Body to Body Massage with HOOOOT Oral Play

Warm yourself this winter with an intimate body to body massage and oral sensation with one of our attractive ladies. Our winter solstice offering to you is a sensual winter and oral massage play that will leave your body tantalised, re-energised and satisfied.

Your desired lady will relax you into a state of bliss as she starts massaging your body; easing all tension and pain. Her art is your pleasure as slides all over you, body to body. Her sensual femininity giving you just right edges and curves to feel sexy and aroused.
Then as her body is sliding all over yours, she will engage in oral play, nibbling and massaging your genitals. Seductive and lusciously she will stimulate you, giving you thrills. This sensation is the ecstasy of the service as after all, what is an erotic massage without a little play?

We have an assortment of ladies who are skilled in the art of massage and oral play — all passionate, attractive, and sensual ladies who will make you feel right where you belong.

Body to Body Massage with Oral Play
(Oral play- masseuse using her mouth to stimulate genitals)

1 Hour of Massage & Play $330 (Reduced from $350)
90 Minutes of Genial Pleasure $450 (Reduced from $500)
2 Hours of Erotic French Connection $550 (Reduced from $600)
Call us now on 0420 318 753 to get your Winter Warmer Special today.