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170cms tall (5’7”)

‘C’ cup bust


Australian (Caucasian)

Shoulder length black hair

The first thing you will notice about Brooklyn are her expressive, very blue eyes as she moves her gaze lazily over you, almost undressing you with those smouldering ‘baby blues’ of hers. Next, providing you can pull away from those almost hypnotic eyes, you won’t be able miss noticing what a fabulous fit and toned athletic body she has – slender with long legs, a natural full ‘C’ cup bust and gentle curves in all the right places – a fine combination and the perfectly proportioned ideal for an Australian escort.

Brooklyn is a tall, striking brunette with a lovely smile, an outgoing, adventurous personality and a very genuine love of men. If you like your ladies open minded and glamorous with a willingness to ‘take a walk on the wild side’ with you, then Brooklyn is your dream come true! And you can be confident in taking this gorgeous young woman anywhere in Sydney knowing that she will be well able to handle any situation superbly, with a quiet, unobtrusive control and classy style. This young woman is always beautifully presented and perfectly groomed and we believe that there isn’t a man in Sydney who wouldn’t find it difficult to keep their eyes and hands off her sleek and sexy silhouette.

In Brooklyn’s own words, she is a woman who strives to be well centred and to have a down to earth and approachable attitude about her. She tells us that she finds nothing more pleasurable or satisfying watching her client’s face as she indulges him with sexual pleasure and controls his time of release. But that’s not to say that there is anything submissive or selfless in Brooklyn’s world of sexual pleasure – she assures us that she always gets her pleasure too !