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When we interviewed Eloise, we asked her how she saw her own sex appeal. Eloise threw her head back and laughed! She went on to explain that in her opinion, a woman’s sex appeal is determined by whoever is passing judgement – no two people will completely agree on what constitutes the makings of a sexy woman. And wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all fancied the same sort of women? In our opinion, Eloise is one of those rare women who just ooze confident sex appeal.

Eloise is one of those unusual women who is blessed with both intelligence and beauty. She has a gorgeous body – the classic feminine hourglass with natural D cup breasts and those feminine curves that are the envy of women everywhere. With her long, healthy auburn coloured hair, her smiling pink, cupid shaped lips and the fairest of complexions, she makes a strikingly attractive young woman. Her full D cup breasts are topped by raspberry coloured nipples both of which seem to call out to your tongue for attention. And although she can give fantastically erotic massages, and is adorned with her gorgeous body, glossy hair and beautiful twinkling eyes, all this would be worth nothing without her true and genuine enjoyment of lovemaking with both men and women, her sense of humour and her ability to hold a stimulating conversation.

To make an appointment to see Eloise, just call (02) 9319 0397.

Extras: French kissing, light B&D, threesomes, fantasy, girl on girl (genuinely bisexual), striptease.

Perfect For: The girlfriend experience, fantasy role playing, overnight dates, quadriplegic (and other disabilities) clients, erotic massage.