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5'11" – 180cm

D cup bust




Here at Room Service, we adore youth, beauty and smart girls and in Hayley you’ll find all of these assets and more. Haley is a beautiful and charming young woman who is full of life and energy. This gorgeous and sexy traffic stopping young blonde; really is the complete package. Hayley is one of those generous girls who affords’ much satisfaction and pleasure from pampering her clientele – she really will endeavour to please you in any way she can.

And of course, Hayley is only human – she admits she also finds great pleasure, release and satisfaction from the attentions of her clients. She believes that the uncomplicated and anonymous nature of the time she spends with men as an escort has led to the best and most intense and carnal sex that she has ever had.

Hayley tells us that she always strives to keep her mind open to possibilities – at this point she is not the most experienced escort however that open mind and curious nature leads her to try most things sexual at least once. So if you’re looking for a curious, willing and genuinely open minded girl with which to explore the different facets and aspects of the sexual experience, Hayley is the girl for you.

So what are you waiting for?! To make an appointment to see the lovely Haley just call our reception staff on (02) 9319 0397.

Extras: 1 gent/2 ladies, Kissing, receive oral, Lesbian Double, Striptease, Toys, Swapping

Perfect For: GFE, dinner outings + corporate events, overnight bookings, erotic massage, fantasy outfits, party bookings, Lady to Lady.

Review: I had a fantastic evening with Hayley. She has this gorgeous body that appears to have been moulded for sex and sex alone. I couldn’t take my eyes from her animated face as we sat across the dinner table from one another at the restaurant. Following our meal and after several wines and after dinner we returned to my hotel room where Hayley showed me that she is not backward in coming forward – she was great and I know we both enjoyed ourselves. It was nothing like the usual ‘wham bam thank you ma’am that I normally treat myself to at my local massage parlour. Never again – from now on I’ll be after quality not quantity and hope to be seeing Hayley again in the near future!