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Auburn hair

What can we say about the very lovely Hope?? At almost 6 feet tall Hope could be intimidating. But instead you will find before you a vivacious, sensual and sultry yet demure young woman.

A statuesque 5’10”, with pretty auburn curls kissing her porcelain like shoulders ever so lightly and her expressive grey green eyes skipping coquettishly around the room, she is actually far from the imposing figure she could be. Instead, one sees a slightly shy little girl whose hand you want to hold and lead to safety.

But don’t be fooled my friend. Once you get this lady safely behind doors, you will become enthralled by her sexual power. With a raw, raunchy desire, and a sexual thirst that has yet to be quenched, this sociable, intelligent and sophisticated lady, with the pouty, kissable lips is deviously playful.

With her outgoing and bubbly personality, you will find no awkward silences, as she turns her hand from tempting and teasing you to pampering and spoiling you, ultimately giving you an unparalleled experience.

Extras: Golden Shower; Natural French (at her discretion); Anal; Fantasy Outfits; Swingers Clubs;

Perfect For: Couples; 1Lady 2 Gents; 1 Gent 2 Ladies; Lesbian Doubles; Para/Quad; Passionate; Party Clients; Toys; GFE; Good Massage skills

Review: Wow! That is it. No more, no less. Just WOW! Hope is amazing, wonderful, fun, and just the littlest bit naughty. Such a great night! Thanks Hopeā€¦.