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5'11- 1.80m



John is a sophisticated, suave, charismatic character who possesses a strong understanding of female psychology, making him the perfect cure to relieve you from your stressful week at work.

He’s the antidote to a lonely night in, or the perfect companion in answer to those all to important business events. An active listener and able to converse intelligently, with a body that ticks all the right boxes, John is the ideal escort in and out of the bedroom.

Whether it’s a dinner date, vacation or a romantic evening for two, John is definitely the answer. If this is your first booking then take a leap into the void and treat yourself to an evening of exploration and sensual pleasure, you know you deserve it!

Review: Spent a wonderful evening with John, he was exactly the kind of man I appreciate, HOT, intelligent and great company....ladies I highly recommend an expedition with this one!!