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157cms tall (5’2”)

‘C’ cup bust


Australian (originally Philippines)

Very dark brown, shoulder length hair

There is no other girl like Laida – she is a very elegant young woman and a very welcome addition to ‘Room Service Escorts’. Despite her youth and sexual inexperience, ‘the proof is in the pudding’, as they say, because this lady is fast becoming one of our most elite and sought after escorts.

She has an almost perfectly proportioned slim, willowy figure and her body is toned, trim and in great shape. Unusually for such a young woman, Laida comes across with naturally classy and ladylike demeanours although we are increasingly seeing hints of a much naughtier side. Maybe it’s the sparkle in her dark eyes or perhaps the flirtatious smile that she tries to keep under wraps – there is a very attractive charisma about this girl that is difficult to resist.

In Laida’s own words, she is discreet and friendly with an easy going personality. She loves good conversation, laughter and the warm and fuzzy feeling that she gets after great sex. Everything about her is soft, feminine and subtly sexy – this is an escort who is not only fun to be with but also an intelligent well informed conversationalist. She loves good humour, lots of laughter and excels at providing her clients with a relaxing and quality experience.

Laida tells us that she loves the excitement of meeting respectable, professional people and of course the vibrant culture of Sydney. If you’re looking for a classy young lady who can provide good company plus an attentive, erotic and indulgent experience, then Laida is most certainly the right girl for you. She has an energetic zest for life and a genuine manner and warmth about her that will be apparent from the moment you meet.

Review: That saying, ‘still waters run deep’ could well be about Laida. Initially this very pretty but a little quiet young girl appeared a little shy and I was kicking myself for allowing the reception staff of Sydney Outcalls to talk me into seeing Laida, their newest young lady. But after a couple of wines and some dutch courage, this young woman transfigured into a gorgeous sexual vamp with enough confidence to take me by the hand, lead me into the bedroom, rip both of our clothes off, and have her way with me! Fabulous experience from a lady so young in years. I’m coming back for more!