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Long blonde hair

From the top of her pretty little head, with its shining golden locks cascading like a majestic waterfall over her shoulders and flirting deliciously with her breasts, to the tip of her perfectly delicate, manicured toes, Margot is absolutely divine.

She is simply gorgeous, with a perfectly put together body – all the bits in just the right places, nothing to big; nothing too small.

She has a quiet, demure nature and a relaxing personality. You will be instantly at ease with Margot as she treats you to time spent getting close to her, soaking in her warm and calming aura, refreshing your soul before she then takes you on a magical and cosmic tour of the universe. With shooting stars and fireworks popping all around you,

Margot will excite you more than you would have ever thought possible, and leave you with an assortment of “interesting” images indelibly etched into your memory, for recall at your convenience…or until you choose to revisit your time with Margot and add to your library.

For your chance to get the first, or latest, instalment in your memory library call our friendly receptionists at Room Service Escorts on 02-9319-0397

Extras: Passionate; Receive oral; Striptease; Toys; swapping, couples,

Perfect For: GFE, Dinner outings; Party clients; Fantasy outfits, Erotic Massages, Party Outings

Review: Talk about a cosmic tour of the universe.....I’m still seeing stars.....and Margot went home 4 hours ago. Best time ever – can’t wait to try and sleep tonight and have my memory disturb my sleep...know what I mean? *winks*