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Well hello there ladies! We’d like you to meet the delicious and delectable Italian Stallion, Vince…..at your service 😉

Born and raised in Sydney by his Italian family, Vince is a charismatic and charming young man who enjoys good food, loves life to the fullest, and is sociable, confident and comfortable in any setting…..and with a deep respect for women, instilled by his background.

With a lean and slender, but very fit physique from working as a tradesman, Vince is a great looking guy, with a twinkle in his eye and an honest smile. A warm hearted guy who is not just good company, his positive energy will envelope you like a big cosy hug, and you will feel instantly at ease with him.

Vince is a down to earth, intelligent man who likes to meet new people and try new things. Are you ready for an evening of Vince’s cheeky and romantic charm?

For your chance to experience Vince’s magic call Room Service Escorts Sydney on (02) 9319 0397 or 0420 318753

Review: Vince was great fun - in and out of the bedroom. Lovely guy...and wow - he did have some magic tricks in the bedroom.