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Big Beautiful Women

The Venus de Milo was once womanly perfection and she was no size 8, Marilyn Monroe was neither a Size 6-8 nor Sophia Loren, but for some reason these days a lot of men are more enamored of women with bodies that are not quite realistic. We are so inundated with photo shopped, cropped and air brushed images of women we forget what the real thing is. Most women have curves, and some would say in all the right places, the term “love handles” was coined for a reason, you have to have something to grab onto when you are in the throes of passion. Some of our more beautiful, attentive and passionate Ladies are of the curvier persuasion, so if your penchant is for a woman with an hour glass figure, large natural breasts, or a rounded derriere just ask us about these fabulous femme fatales.